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At St. Andrew’s we always have willing helpers to come with flowers to adorn our beautiful Church.

During Lent a cross made from our Christmas tree is used on which to place symbols of Christ’s suffering. Then on Easter Sunday the cross is transformed during the service with flowers brought by the congregation to represent the joy of Christ’s resurrection. A group of helpers on Easter Saturday will have filled the Church with spring flowers.

Harvest is another joyful occasion when we get together to decorate the Church with flowers, berries fruit and vegetables.
At Christmas again we decorate the Church ready for our celebration of the birth of Jesus.

These times together decorating the Church are always a pleasure and we thoroughly enjoy the feeling of togetherness which they bring.

We have held several Flower Festivals in the past, and have once arranged the flowers for the wedding of one of our congregation.

Different people provide altar flowers each week, sometimes in memory of a loved one and sometimes in celebration of an occasion