We are lucky to have such a fantastic historic church here in Kildwick. Unfortunately time takes its toll, as does the Yorkshire climate, and the building itself is in need of extensive repairs to maintain it for present and future generations. The roof leaks and the ceiling plaster is failing, as are sections of mortar on the walls. A ‘Repair and Renovation Working Group’ has been formed to plan and manage these major repairs. At the same time, a number of elements have been identified that would make this glorious building accessible to all without damaging the historic character, for example level access and improved lighting.

Repair and renovation works like this, and on such a scale, do not come cheap and the working group have focused their energy on repairing the roof and ceiling; if the building is not watertight, then it will not be long before we don’t have a building open at all. The project is entitled ‘Raising the Roof at St Andrews’ and seeks to also install much-needed insulation at the same time as these essential repairs.

We’ll be providing updates both here and through the Parish magazine, ‘The Bridge’.